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China's international trade development

Time:2014-03-13 Hit:845

China's international trade development

   Since its entry into WTO, China's international trade has been developing quickly. In 2004, its trade column rose to the third in world trade and its total trade volume, for the first time in history exceeded 1000 billion US dollars, In 2005, the total trade volume reached 1422.12 billion US dollars, 23.2% more than that of the year before, among which the import is 660.12 billion US dollars with an increase of 17.6%, and the export is 762 billion US dollars with an increase of 28.4%. This led to a favorable balance of trade of 101.88 billion US dollars.

China's international trade structure:

  The international trade structure is the structure of import and export products. It refers to the proportions of all kinds of import and export products in total international trade volume. It can be divided into the structure of import products and the structure of export products. In exports, the total export value from 2001 to 2005 reached 2400 billion US dollars. The proportion of industrial finished products exported rose from 90.10% to 93.6%, while the proportion of the mechanical and electronic products as well as the hi-tech products rose from 44.6% to 56.0% which is 2.6 times more, and from 17.5% to 28.6% which is 3.7 times more respectively. The values of agricultural products, textile products, chemical products as well as major light industrial products increased by 73.4%, 120.4%, 173.7% and 105.2% respectively. From this, we can see the structure of China's export has been changed from rough and coarse processing exports to a refined and high additional value export. That is, the situation of China's resources distribution in the world market has been improved.

   In importing, China's total volume of imports was 2200 billion US dollars between 2001 and 2005. The proportion of primary products imported rose from 18.8% to 22.4%. Import values of industrial products, textile raw materials and finished products, common metals, mineral products rose by 154.7%, 41.6%, 174.6% and 276.3% respectively. In 2005, the import volume was 660.12 billion US dollars, 17.6% more than the year before. Among the total imports, general trade volume was 279.72 billion US dollars, processing trade volume was 274.03 billion US dollars El. Recently, the proportion of import volume of industrial finished products in China's imports has been increased steadily. Capital and technology-centred products have been in the leading position in China's import. The proportion of finished products in China's imports is greater than that in China's export with mechanical products and transportation equipment as the main products. Except for the textile raw material that is used in processing exports, all the primary imports will not be used for exporting products.

  All these show that China's imports are mainly used for domestic production and consumption with low elasticity of need, which will lead to our relying on some certain exports. Since China became the oil importer in 1993, its oil import volume has been increasing year after year. In 2005, the oil import was 126820000 tons, the net import of oil was 275260000 tons with an increase of 32.3%. This reflects that China's resources are comparatively rare compared with its industrialization progress.

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