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Company stamp in China

Time:2014-03-13 Hit:2940

Company stamp in China

  When concluding a contract in China, the official company stamp may be required to be affixed thereof, the stamp, which is registered with the registration authority such as public security bureau, is the most important evidence of one party's consent, and thus as long as there is the stamp, the signatures on the contract becomes much less relevant. As to avoid potential controversies, stamping to the papers of the contract, every page of the contract shall be initialled or stamped separately. The argument reasons that pages which have not been marked can be easily replaced, potentially supporting doubts if the contract becomes the subject of dispute. 

 Though the China Company Law does not explicitly requires a company to have a company stamp, but it implicitly does so, for example, it requires certain documents, such as a capital contribution certificate to be fixed with a company stamp. 

 Therefore, ordering a company stamp is one of the first things a company must do immediately after its business license is issued. 


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