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The central causes of bill of lading fraud

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The central causes of the bill of lading fraud

  Bill of lading fraud issued by several reasons, some come from the leaks of administration, others; due to the honour of the documents.

  Firstly, the laws of most, counties do and prescribe the strict form of a bill of lading and almost all of the companies do also not ate much about the administration of bill of lading. then some dealers can make use of this leak to forge bill of lading in order to benefit from it.

   Secondly, the absence of the measures of punishment also gives loose to the bill of lading fraud. At present, the laws of the bill of lading fraud ate not perfect, it also has some flaws in the legislation, so we should enhance the extent of punishment.

  Far the sake of ensuring the honour of bill of lading, laws encourage the parties to pay attention to the documents but the cargoes. The purchasers must Pay for the cargoes if the carriers hold the bill of lading, they can not refuse to charge with the reasons that the cargoes lose in the transports or they were damaged. In England, the court managed a case of maritime. The consignor shipped the cargoes that have defects but put in perfect documents. And then the consignee rejected to accept the cargoes so he appealed to the court to protect himself. But finally, the court did not support his request in order to ensure the groundwork of the international trade and the financing system. For England use judge-made laws, so this case becomes the predication of what other cases follow.

   So long as a bill of Wing and other documents comply with the letter of credit ostensibly. the banks would have the right to charge. The consignees have no right to refuse to charge just by reason of the banks accepted an artificial document. But if we just pay attention to the bill of lading and ignore the cargoes themselves. the ultimately purchasers will have trouble in fetching the cargoes from the consignors; This theory will just benefit the middle holders but harm to the ultimate ones. Then it will make things worse.

   In the international trades, there will involve at least two countries. The parties always come from different countries. So it will bring the conflicts of laws, which will lead the circumscribes in the protection of the casualties. This is another cause of the bill of lading fraud.

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