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Category of copyright

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Category of copyright

Generally speaking, copyright can be classified into personal rights and property rights,

There are 4 rights under the personal right:

  1. the right of publication, the author has the right to decide whether to make it known to the public
  2. the right to modify, the author may modify the works at any time, or authorize others to modify his works according to the author's intention
  3. the right of authorship, the author has the right to indicate its identity and decide to have the author's name on the works
  4. the integrity of the works, the author has the right to enjoy the integrity of the works, it is a righto protect works against distortion and mutilation

   There are 12 basic rights that defined as a property right of copyright, for the property, the owners may assign all or part of the rights and get compensation as contracted or according to the relevant provisions of law, the property rights are as follows:

  1. The right of reproduction, such as printing, copying, audio recording, video recording, which produce the works to more copies
  2. The right of exhibition, to publicly display the original or copy of a painting or photographic work
  3. 3. Right of distribution, sale or transfer in other ways in order to present the original or copy of a work to the public
  4. The right of the lease, to authorize others of temporarily use cinematographic works or create in a way similar to cinematography works
  5. The right of performance, publicly perform works, as well as the right to broadcast by various means publicly
  6. The right of the show, the right to reproduce public art, photography by virtue of film or similar method to cinematography work created by projectors
  7. The right of Network Transmission that provides works to the public wired or wireless so that the public individuals can obtain the right to work in their chosen time and place;
  8. The right of broadcasting, which wirelessly broadcast or disseminate works to the public, as well as through loudspeakers or other sounds, image transfer equipment to broadcast the works
  9. The right of production, to fix work on any medium to cinematography fix works;
  10. The right of compilation, to compile works or fragments of works by selection or arrangement them together into a new work
  11. The right of adaptation that changes the works to create a new work of originality;
  12. The right of translation, to convert from the works from one language into another language

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