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International trade of China agricultural products

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International trade of China agricultural products

          Agriculture is the foundation of the national economy, agricultural development related to rural employment and people's quality of life. As agriculture Specificity, it has long been separated from the agricultural trade World Trade Organization rules. After the Uruguay Round, agricultural trade was only included in the agenda of negotiations.

Since November 2001, the launch of the Doha Round because of the negotiating parties on the issue of agricultural products is difficult to coordinate, leading to the Doha Round.

          According to the Doha Declaration, a new round of agricultural negotiations aims, that is to greatly reduce or even eliminate all forms of export subsidies, and expand market access for agricultural products, the establishment of a market-oriented, equitable world trading system. With China's accession to the WTO launched the Doha Round. Such a large population in China's developing country, agriculture is particularly special and sensitive. China is a traditional agricultural country, agricultural import and export trade in the import and export trade in a very important position for a long time, the agricultural trade surplus is an important source of China's international trade surplus. But in recent years, China's import and export trade of agricultural products have undergone tremendous changes, from long-term trade surplus into a deficit. Since 2000, China's growth in both imports and exports of agricultural products, but Overall export growth slow, the rapid import growth, resulting in a shrinking trade surplus of agricultural products (except 2002), or even a deficit. Agricultural exports accounted for the proportion of China's total exports declined, imports of agricultural products accounted for the rise of China's total imports. 2002 due to natural disasters, the main producing countries in world agricultural, production, especially in international agricultural prices of grain and oilseeds that have a price

advantage of bringing a large number of agricultural exports.

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