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General principle of China copyright law

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The general principle of China copyright law

 The copyright law is formulated for the purposes of protecting the copyright of literary, artistic and scientific works of the author's copyright and related rights; encouraging creation and dissemination of works which is beneficial for socialist spiritual civilization and material civilization; promoting socialist cultural and scientific development and prosperity.

 Whether the works are published or not, the copyright is protected by China copy law for Chinese citizens, foreigners and stateless persons' works are protected according to the agreements signed by China and the States of which the authors are nationals or in which the authors domicile habitually under this Act. If there is no agreement between China and a foreign country, the foreigner's works are protected if the works are first published in China or in the Member States of the international conventions to which China is the member or are simultaneously published in the Member and the Non-member States.

 Copyright includes: literary works; oral works; music, theater, opera, dance, acrobatics and artistic works; fine art and architecture; photographic works; cinematographic works and works created by a process analogous to cinematography works; engineering designs , product designs, maps , sketches and other graphic works and model works ;computer software ; . However, laws, regulations, national authorities' decisions, other documents of a legislative, administrative or judicial nature, official translations of the laws and regulations, current events, calendars, numerical tables, forms of general use and formulas, shall not apply to the China Copyright law.

 Copyright may be collectively owned and collectively managed under the authorization of the author, copyright collective management organization shall be a non-profit organization, it may engage in the legal action or arbitration activities regarding the copyrights.

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