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Policies on Birth Control Techniques and Childbearing in Guangdong Province

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Policies on Birth Control Techniques and Childbearing in Guangdong Province

   The high tide of family planning in Guangdong Province is rising in action throughout the province. Conscientious implementation of the Party's policy relevant to family planning is the guarantee for smooth progress in this work. This reporter had an interview yesterday with Vice Governor Wang Pingshan, who is in charge of family planning work, on the policies concerning birth control techniques and childbearing.

Q. Comrade Wang Pingshan, will you please tell us what is the technical policy of birth control, and how should we understand and implement this policy correctly?

A. The technical policy of birth control is formulated by the State Family Planning Commission with the approval of the leadership of the Party Central. Its principal content is: "Those women who have already given birth to one child must be fitted with IUDs, and couples who already have two children must undergo sterilization of either the husband or the wife. Women with unplanned pregnancies must adopt remedial measures as soon as possible."

  This is based on the directives of the CCP Central Committee and the State Council and on the summation of family planning practices of many years. It is the most effective technical policy of birth control in controlling the growth of the population; therefore, every one of our cadres and the masses must understand in-depth the great significance of the technical policy of birth control from the overall view of a truly effective way of controlling population growth and of its benefit to the health of women, and carry out this policy well and willingly. Q. Why do we stress the point that either party, husband or wife, of those couples with two children, must undergo sterilization? What are the advantages?

1. The State stipulates that under no circumstances may a third child be born. Sterilization for either party, husband or wife, of those couples with two children is the most effective measure to eliminate excessive numbers of births. If this work is done well, we would then be able to gain the initiative in family planning work. Otherwise, following the increase in the number of couples of childbearing age and under the condition of a comparatively high IUD failure rate and of inadequate implementation of other birth control measures, the number of persons with unplanned pregnancies would increase more and more and the population birth rate would stay high. Furthermore, repeated abortions by a woman would affect her health. Thus, in view of the demand of the State and the actual situation in our province, the provincial party committee and the provincial government decided to put the stress on the work of sterilization for couples with two children. At the same time, the work of IUD insertion for those with one child and prompt adoption of remedial measures for unplanned pregnancies must be carried out well.

  This is in accordance with the fundamental interest of the people of the province and is favourable to implementing even better the state policy on childbirth. There are many advantages in doing well the IUD insertion for women with one child and the sterilization of either party, husband or wife, of couples with two children. The principal ones are 1 It may reduce the number of unplanned pregnancies and births and effectively control the population growth

2. It may reduce the number of abortions and be favourable to protecting the health of women

3. It may reduce the economic burden of the State, the collective and the individual;

4. It may eliminate the excessive number of births and be beneficial to promoting family happiness and close relationship between the party and the masses; and

5. It may enable family planning work to be gradually normalized and systematized.

Q. With the current emphasis on sterilization for either party, husband or wife, of couples with two children is there any change in the policy of childbirth?

A. No, there is no change. According to the stipulations of the CCP Central Committee and the State Council, the family planning work in Guangdong must continue to do well in late marriage, late birth, the fewer number of births, and quality birth. To put it precisely, all state cadres, workers and employees, and urban residents, except for special cases which must be approved, may have only one child per couple. One child per couple is promoted universally in rural areas. Some of the masses who are truly faced with difficulties and request to have a second child may be scheduled according to plan to have a second one after approval. Under no circumstances may a third one be born. In accordance with the guidelines laid down by the central authorities, the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government have formulated regulations concerning conditions for obtaining permission to have a second child. It is hoped that the people of the province will abide by it voluntarily.

Birth plan targets must be strictly set according to the policy on childbirth.

Q. What hopes and demands do you have for the people of this province in order to complete the family planning tasks laid down by the provincial party committee and provincial government for this year

A. In order to accomplish the family planning task for this year, we must first carry out another massive ideological mobilization throughout the province, especially in the rural areas, to enable the masses to understand truly that family planning is a basic state policy. It is the obligation of every couple of childbearing age to practice family planning. It is a concrete expression of the "five stresses, four beauties, and three loves". We must enable the masses to establish the idea of being the master of the house, to love their country, to love the collective and to love socialism, and to carry out birth control measures voluntarily to give birth according to plans. In addition, all Communist Party members, league members, and cadres on all levels must act as the model and take the lead in practicing family planning to carry out birth control measures and to create a new breakthrough in family planning work. I believe that if the people of the province mobilize themselves and practice family planning voluntarily, the passive situation in our family planning work would be turned around quickly.

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