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International trade claims prevention

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International trade claims prevention

1. Comply with the principle of good faith

Business is established on the basis of mutual trust, especially international trade, both sides are separated by vast oceans, if there is any violation of the principle of good faith, it is difficult to proceed with the transaction.

2. strict selection of trading partners, conduct necessary reference checks of the other party.

3. Pay attention to the market situation changes of the other party at any time

4. Familiar with international trade practices, and other national laws 5. Discuss the trading and should be cautious about its offer and accept.

6. review the clause of the contract carefully before signing it.

7. the transaction shall be based on the real ability and the scope of the business, try not to take risks, especially for unfamiliar goods, should look before you leap.

8. read the document again before it is summited to the other party or and another party

9. Don't settle for an unreasonable order.

10. Strictly fulfilling the obligations of the contracts

11. Make good use of the notary inspection system.

12. Maximize the use of insurance, in order to shift the risk of damage and deficient goods with proper marine cargo insurance.

13. Before the manufacturing, the goods, the supplier of the raw material must be strictly selected, make sure the shipment is in conformity with contract order of quality standards.

14. conduct the inspection procedure for the goods production, delivery and credit transaction process.

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