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Causes for international trade claims

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Causes for international trade claims

1. Poor credit:

With poor credit of the counter-party, the counter cannot really fulfil contract obligations, leading to lodging a claim against the counter-party of damage, which is the most common reason for claims.

2. The ambiguity of contract terms:

The contract between the seller and the buyer are not thorough, the contract content is not complete, or contract with ambiguous, no clear definition.

3. The law practice is inconsistent:

Due to the different economic development background, foreign trade control situation, trade law practice, causing distress to the trade.

4. Different language:

As a result of language differences, there may be a misunderstanding between the parties, which makes it hard to execute the contract between two parties.

5. The force majeure event:

Due to natural disasters, the seller may not able to deliver the goods on time, as long as there are clearly stipulated in the contract clause of force majeure event, such claims are usually easier to solve.

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